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Keflavik, Iceland

Posted by gck Friday, December 10, 2010 0 comments

I think most of us are pretty jaded about air travel these days. Airlines are trying to cut costs wherever they can, and it’s usually safe to say that anytime something goes wrong, you can expect to end up unhappy without any signs of concern from the airline. This is especially true when the problems are related to weather.

Iceland Air is by no means a generous airline. The weight limit for carry-on bags is absurdly low (like 6kg) and they actually enforce it. Headphones cost a few euro, and there is no free food, even on an 8 hour flight. So when our flight out of Seattle was delayed 3 hours due to snow in Seattle and the airport’s lack of ability to find the proper deicer and everyone missed their connections, I expected a long stay at the Reykjavik-Keflavik airport. My hopes were that they could fly us out the same day, and if not, that the benches in the airport didn’t have armrests.

flying over Iceland IMG_0392

Amazingly, they managed to rebook everyone I heard at the desk for flights out the same day, and they offered either food vouchers at the airport or a day room at a hotel, including a taxi ride to and from the airport. We had at least 5 hours, so we took the day room option to get some rest and walk around town. Upon arrival at the hotel, they informed us that the lunch buffet was also included, so we got to eat some Icelandic food. Potatoes, meatballs, rice casserole with pickled fish surprise, sweet chili noodles, etc.

 Keflavik Keflavik  

Keflavik isn’t the most happening place in the world, and it was pretty freaking cold, but they had a nice park along the water that was nice for walking. Weird lava rocks. Flying into Iceland, from the air, the whole thing looked like a volcanic park. Upon landing, it was painfully flat – not even trees! The country looks really wild, with terrain that I’d love to explore some day (as a tourist and not a stranded traveler).