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Stitch Fix #YOLO Party

Posted by gck Friday, July 27, 2018 0 comments

And now for a break from the normal mountain talk…

Awhile back, I started getting boxes from Stitch Fix, a personal stylist service where a stylist chooses 5 items for you and you pay for what you want to keep. I got one of my friends hooked by giving her gift certificates, and we found it particularly fun to get boxes at the same time so we could open them and try them on together, doing our best in-person, perky imitations of Youtube unboxing videos. It didn’t take long for our unboxing parties to expand to more people (this time, men!).

My friend’s birthday was this month, and she decided she was going to do a “YOLO” fix – not write anything about what she wanted and see what showed up.

Even better… what if ALL of us did YOLO fixes in honor of her birthday?!

So we did. I think her stylist note said something like, “It’s my birthday, send me anything you want.” The rest of us just wrote, “YOLO.” One person even got an e-mail back from Stitch Fix, asking if that was all he wanted to say to his stylist and reminding him that he still had time to change it.

41857600940_a1420b0a8a_othe YOLO boxes

The unboxing was very dramatic… but as we started going around, we were disappointed to see that a lot of our first items were safe picks.

This is not what we had in mind!

But then my friend pulled out the second item in her box, and we all burst into laughter. Low cut crop top?! YOLO! This was YOLO!

Yessss! YOLO!

The items in our boxes continued to alternate between the very safe (socks?!) to the more adventurous (shark shorts!).

There was conservative golf attire…


And a patterned shirt that matched the rug…


All of us were styled by stylists that we’d had before, so the items weren’t completely random. Mine even referenced requests I had made in the past, probably frustrated by the fact that I didn’t give her anything useful this time (sorry!).

Birthday girl’s stylist won the contest for most YOLO, with the crop top, a romper, and a brightly patterned maxi skirt. Rug man’s was a close second, with the rug-patterned shirt and a lilac button down. But everyone had something in an adventurous color or style…

Except me. Mine was a good fix tailored to me, which meant nothing crazy. My stylist knows me too well! It’s ok, though, since my friend made me try on her crop top and romper.

My fix:



The mens’ fixes:




And the rest of the birthday girl's fix:



And that’s a wrap! We’re looking forward to our next party. Our stylists will be probably be relieved to get more helpful requests next time.

Want your own Fix? Get one here!

The Great Ferry Race

Posted by gck Tuesday, July 3, 2018 1 comments

I’m not a very consistent runner, but sometimes things will draw me back to running. Last year, I started trail running with Northwest Trail Runs, an attempt to combine hiking and running and help me increase my speed in both. This year, I was drawn in by Orca Running’s beautiful R-Pod medal, a prize for anyone who completed 3 or more races with them in 2018. I got a few of my friends onboard and signed up for my three races: the Kirkland Shamrock 5k in March, the Snoqualmie Valley 10k in June, and my first half marathon in a few years, the inaugural Great Ferry Race.

I’m pretty sure each time I’ve trained for a half marathon, I’ve said that I have no motivation to do one again. But this event was compelling for a few reasons:

  1. Inaugural!
  2. The unique concept. The event started with a ferry ride, and the run started right off the ferry dock.
  3. The location on Bainbridge Island, with approximately 1/3 of the course on trail.

I had all good intentions of being properly trained for the race, but a large number of out of town weekends in April and May derailed it all. I ended up having to do a huge jump in long run distance to hit a number where I was comfortable going up to 13.1, and it was pretty rough. I knew it wasn’t going to be my best performance, but I was hoping for a reasonably unmiserable experience without injuries.

Seattle from the ferry dock
Seattle from the ferry dock

On race day, parking downtown by the ferry dock, as the event organizers promised, was very easy because it was early on a Sunday. The ferry terminal was full of runners, and the ferry passengers who weren’t there for the run were looking around quite bewildered. I did day-of packet pickup, and there was a mix up where many people who registered really early didn’t end up having their personalized bibs printed. They had also run out of blanks, so I was given the bib of someone who canceled, with their name blacked out. It was a little disappointing because the bib was a cool design, and I would have liked my personalized one as a race souvenir, but I guess running as Haley Strandness makes for a good story, too. My friends looked her up online and apparently she’s quite a good athlete, so I felt honored.

I am Haley Strandness
I am Haley Strandness

It was a nice, short ferry ride over to Bainbridge Island. It’s nice to have all of those boat bathrooms for the 30 minutes before race time instead of having to stand in line for Honey Buckets! And gear check was a car on the car deck! How fun is that? When we got close, the ferry announced that all runners were to congregate on one of the upper car decks (where there were no cars). An Orca Running person tried to shout course instructions at us, the important thing being that we were waiting for all the cars to unload, then we’d walk off the ferry and wait for a horn to blow to signal the run start. Oh, and he mentioned that the course was a difficult one due to all the hills, and hats off to us for running it.

Runners gathered on the car deck
Runners gathered on the car deck

On the ferry dock ready to start running
On the ferry dock ready to start running

As I mentioned earlier, the course/location was appealing to me. It wasn’t another Greenlake or Seattle Center or Sammamish River Trail course. And Bainbridge Island did not disappoint! Though the weather made it so we didn’t get any distance views, we still had some nice scenery. Lots of green, lovely trail through the parks, and a pretty lake. We were also encouraged by the locals, including a huge cheer from ferry passengers waiting to depart as we arrived and an adorable little boy standing in his yard playing the runners a trumpet serenade. And there were the entertaining signs that someone put up on the second half of the course, some humor to boost our spirits. The short cut was tempting!

img_20180701_101110_29273512918_o  img_20180701_101207_29273519388_oimg_20180701_101402_29273522358_o  img_20180701_103022_43095069232_o
Fun signs along the course

I disagreed with that last sign. There was plenty of time for walking. Especially because the hills Would. Not. Stop. When I read the course description, I was under the impression that the trail sections of the course would be the difficult ones. It was the exact opposite! The trails were fantastic and my favorite part of the course. See the elevation profile below? The giant downhill and the flattish section after that was where the trail part was. I knew when we did the big downhill that we’d be in for some major gain later on, but the killer was that even after we gained all of that elevation back, it still went up and down and up and down and up and down, all the way until the last quarter mile. Brutal roads! For the sake of energy conservation, I walked most of the uphills. And so did many other people.

elevation profile

oh yay another hill
oh yay another hill

But I finished, and they called out my name correctly as I crossed the finish line, so Haley doesn’t have to worry about having an abnormally slow time on her record. I finished in 2:34:53, which is almost exactly the same as my time for the 2012 Seattle Rock n Roll Half (an easier course that I was even less properly trained for, so also a lot of walking). I’m happy with that. But I was even happier when I saw the taco bar at the end! I LOVE when there’s real food at the end of a race, and these tacos totally hit the spot. And though it dumped rain on us for most of the run (that was fun), it cleared up at the end, allowing us to sit and enjoy our tacos outside.

There was a bell for people to ring if they got a new PR. It wasn’t ringing very much, and I suspect most of those who did ring were first half marathons. But that’s okay – sometimes it’s nice to take on a challenging course. I didn’t make it to the finish line before they did the awards ceremony, but I read later on that the first three finishers were all female! That’s so awesome.

Finish line taco!
Finish line taco!

Mora Ice Cream was conveniently located between the finish line and the ferry terminal, so there was an ice cream stop after tacos! I had blueberry and maraschino cherry cream, and both flavors were absolutely delicious.

Mora Ice Cream
Mora Ice Cream

My body tends to want to shut down after long runs, so it was a struggle to stay awake during the ferry ride and car drive back, but I made it. And my legs were not even that sore the next day. My phone, however, had accumulated water from the rain through cracks on the screen protector, so there’s an unusable area in the center of my phone that’s slowly shrinking as the water dries.

The medals
The medals

Half Marathon #1 of 2018: Done. I get a very short recovery week, and then it’s back to training again for my next race… stay tuned, I’m hoping for a PR.