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WTA Hike-a-Thon

Posted by gck Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Everyone loves a fundraiser, right? Over the years as I’ve read people’s hiking trip reports, I’d hear mentions of “Hike-a-Thon” and I wondered what it was. I liked the idea of trying to hike as many miles as possible while raising money to support the trails. Each year, I’d forget until it was too late, but not this year! I am officially signed up for Hike-a-Thon.

You can read more and/or SPONSOR ME on my fundraising page. I plan to hike as many weekend days as possible, including a backpacking trip to the Enchantments. But in order to try for more mileage, I’ll also be throwing in some weekday hikes, which means urban hiking! I recently scoped out St. Edwards Park (still owe a blog post for that one) and I’m looking forward to hiking those trails and more.

Many people here use and love the trails in our forests, and better maintenance makes for a better and more sustainable experience. I hope to contribute to this cause, and a goal of mine for next year is to participate in WTA work parties for trail maintenance. If you can and would like to, I hope you’ll help by sponsoring me for this year’s Hike-a-Thon! And look forward to more trip reports as I hike my way through August.


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